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> How is the support for sending to/receving from ISDN-fax applications?

There is no support for Group 4 fax (I would imagine anyone technically
sophisticated enough to use it would use email these days, anyway).

An ISDN device using a modec and Group 3 fax should be indistinguishable
from any other Group 3 machine, when seen from the remote end of the 

A local ISDN device containing a modec and EIA Class 1, Class 2 or
Class 2.0 firmware, and interfacing as though through an async RS232C
port, should look like an analogue fax modem when used at the local 
end, so its ISDN nature would be irrelevant.

I'm not aware of any free software emulations of V.29 modems for any
ISDN application where the only interface is the PCM digital data
and signalling channel.  So I cannot imagine any free fax application
interfacing that way.

For future reference, I think it would be useful for you to indicate
which of these cases you were asking about, on the list.

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