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RE>Re: RE>Problem with fax receiving

                      RE>Re: RE>flexfax: Problem with fax_         


Of course you are right, Tim. Apologies all round for my misinformation. 
The clue to this the the message from Faxgetty when FaxSend picks up 
the port:
FaxGetty:[341]: ANSWER: Can not lock modem device
If it wasn't watching with it's hands off the port, how could we send 


Michael :)

Date: 22/2/99 8:07 AM
To: Michael Firkins
From: Tim Rice
On 19 Feb 1999, Michael Firkins wrote:

>                       RE>flexfax: Problem with fax receiving       
> 19/2/99
> Hi.
> I can't really help you with hylafax receiving, but I can explain why 
> works with mgetty and not faxgetty. It is to do with the way they are 
> structured:
> mgetty does not hold the lock on the port. It waits there and watches 
> for valid data "RING" etc and then takes it and sets a lock. This 
> that other programs, (minicom, cu, pppd etc) can pick up the port and 
> lock it (except when mgetty is actively using it or resetting it after 

> a session). 
> Faxgetty on the other hand sets a lock when it is invoked from inittab 

> and there it stays. Hylafax owns that port and you would have to kill 
> off faxgetty to get the port back so that cu can access it.

That's not so. If HylaFAX is configured correctly, cu & uucico work
just fine while faxgetty is running.

All the programs need to use the same lockfile name and the same
type of lockfile.

> Good luck,
> Michael
> --------------------------------------
> Date: 19/2/99 8:05 AM
> To: Michael Firkins
> From: Alex Povolotsky
> Hello!
> I'm trying to set up fax receiving using a _VERY_ good Class2 modem. 
> works
>  just fine with mgetty, but all my efforts to set it up with faxgetty 
> fails.
> I've tried every combination of speed and flow control I could invent 
> (19200,
> 38400 and 57600, with soft, hard and no flow for 19200, soft and hard 
> for
> 38400) but always gets Missing EOL in 5 seconds.
> For some unknown reason, cu fails to work with modem _TOGETHER_ with 
> faxgetty. 
> Together with mgetty it works just fine.
> Setup strings for mgetty and faxgetty looks identical.
> I'm using latest hylafax (4.0pl2).
> What should I test? What should I look at? Please help.
> Alex.

Tim Rice			Multitalents	(707) 887-1469 (voice)

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