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HylaFax connects, no output

I've set up a HylaFAX server on my Debian Linux box, running the 2.2.1
kernel.  I'm using the WHFC client, and there's an ancient (don't laugh TOO
hard) 2400 bps modem in the server, which supports only Class 1.  But, hey,
it should work.

So, I can print a Windows test page to the WHFC pseudo-device, tell it what
number to dial, etc.  It sends it to Salsa (my Linux box), which then dials
the number on the 2400 modem.  It connects to the fax machine and they
handshake.  However, the fax machine prints only a quarter inch or so, does
a page break, then disconnects.  Salsa's modem then dials again, yielding
the same result.

I would've appended logs here, but I'm not sure what would be helpful.
I've checked all the docs I can think of, but none of them address this
issue.  Any help in troubleshooting this would be much appreciated!

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