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Re: hylafax scenario

Hmm, this sounds like a fairly specialist application, not something
you'll find as standard in any fax apps, but I may be wrong. I would
suggest that Hylafax should be able to do this, however you will
probably have to tweak at least a few shell scripts, maybe the code
itself. It is generally easy to configure and front-end/back-end
providing you or your staff is familiar with unix. I am not a C++
programmer, but I managed to figure out how to make a few minor mods
that we needed here.

Have you used Open Source stuff before? If not, this might not be a
good one to start on!

Generally, I have found Hylafax an extremely good package for the
system integrator, if not for the casual user. It has functionality
and methods that make it very good for the large system. It can be a
little tricky to get working, and you should select your modem
carefully. However once running, I have found it to be exceptionally


Jesse DeFer wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm looking at running hylafax for my faxing needs, I plan to use it to
> interface with an existing software product (under unix).  It will only
> be required to send faxes, has to be 100% reliable and CANNOT loose any
> faxes, if it can't send a fax it must print the fax on a printer.  It
> must also write to a log file for every fax it sends or fails to send.
> I also need it to store 4 'user-defined' data-fields, when my software
> executes sendfax it should be able to pass this data, and have hylafax
> store this data and write it to the log file when it's done with the
> fax.  I don't need a cover page so cover page vars should be suitable
> provided it doesn't ignore them when cover pages are disabled.
> I want it to be able to do all this out of the box with no source
> modifications, is this possible?  Any other hints or tips would be
> helpful.
> Thanks,
> Jesse DeFer


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