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Re: Problems with hylafax

> Hmm, what could be wrong. I looked at the tiff image
> created by ps2fax, and it looks also a little bit corrupt.
> Could this be a problem ?

There could be bugs in your raster image processor, of course; what are
you using.

If tiffcp with the -c option (read the manual) complains, the fax image
is corrupt, otherwise, not.

> On the fax page there are lines corrupt, lines missing and more.

Overrun, underrun, or poor quality phone line or modem.   It's when
things have bulk effects that one tend to look elsewhere.  Underrun may
be more of a problem with Class 1.

Overrun is a flow control problem.  Underrun is an interface speed or lack
of processing resources problem.

I suspect the linux serial driver of having problems with some serial cards
which will cause some defects in the transmission, but I've only seen this
on PPP and UUCP.

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