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Re: FW: Whose looking after Hylafax?

Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
> > I think an item that prevents Hylafax from being actively maintained and
> > improved is that fact that so much of it is written in c++. I may be way off
> > base here, but I know that's what prevents me from mucking around with the
> > code. There just aren't as many c++ hackers as there c hackers, and the few
> > that are out there are probably working for Microsoft :-)
> Hmm.... I've just been putting the finishing touches on a C++ GUI using Qt on
> a Linux system....
> But --
> 1.  Migrating from C++ to C would entail a complete rewrite of the code,
> and I strongly object to idea since it would inevitably break something that's
> been extremely robust over many years.
> 2.  In my own experience, C++ is hard to start with, but gets much easier with
> time.  In fact, Hylafax was my first introduction to C++.  Just compile with
> the -g option, and get out gdb, and go.  It's much easier to work with an
> existing code set than to start from scratch.
> 3.  Knowing C++ will make you more marketable.
> So, hack away!

Now I throwing my $0.02 in.

  I agree with Glenn. I started four years ago with programming (
RPN and sysRPL on hp48gx calcs ) but since I graduated there was
not much use for me as a RPN sysRPL programmer (and I don't
wanted to work on oil/gas well sites) so I picked a book from the
shelf 'Teach yourself C in 21 days' and direct after that one
'Teach yourself C++ in 21 days'. Lucky as I was, there was a very
near relative (brother) who is a true C/C++ professional/guru who
helped me with al my big "???".

I started with simple maintenance jobs in C++ applications to
learn more about this very powerful language. Now I write small
applications in C++ and I am able to read the Hyafax source and
modified were needed as well.

So learn C++ it won't make you worse...


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