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Re: Which modem works best with HylaFAX?

In message <99032119555401.00306@laneslinux.localdomain>, Lane Lester writes:
>darren@info.tpc.int wrote:

>> I authored the current RPM, and I'm insulted to hear I don't support it ;-) 
>> Funny, I wonder what I'm doing with all that e-mail I send?
>I certainly didn't mean to cast aspersions on those who compile RPMs. 
>If it weren't for RPMs, I would have given up on Linux some time ago,
>because I've had rotten success at compiling stuff.  However, when I
>refer to a program's author, I'm talking about the guy who wrote the C
>code or whatever.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I understand! Sorry, I was being dim. Ignore me ;-)


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