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Re: "Waiting for modem to come ready" after sending fax


> Sometimes when sending a fax using HylaFAX version 4.0pl1 on an SGI O2,
> the job is not terminated properly; faxstat will keep giving "Waiting
> for modem to come ready" messages even though the modem appears to be on
> hook. The only way out of this state is to kill the faxgetty process. It
> is not necessary to reset the modem or anything like that, though. This
> does not happen every time.

I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms, but with Solaris-2.6.  In my case it
happened frequently but not always on serial ports on my Magma S-Bus card,
but far less frequently on the Sun native ports.  At first I thought it
only happened on the Magma ports, but then to my disappointment it happened
a couple times in a few weeks on native Sun ports after I switched things

I'd really like to know more about how faxgetty is supposed to work.  It
seems that when the fax sending process is done, faxgetty is supposed to
somehow notice that the port is free and re-initialize the modem. 
Faxgetty isn't just looking at lock files, but somehow is supposed to
be able to tell that something else just stopped using the port, but this
mechanism isn't behaving reliably for me.  I have determined that when
the sending process is done it does not leave any stale lock files around,
just somehow faxgetty doesn't notice the status change of the port.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark@Misty.com -- http://www.misty.com/)

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