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Re: hylafax / usr isdn ta

On Tue, Apr 20, 1999 at 09:14:28PM +0000, Antoine Nard=E8ze wrote:
> I have an usr sportster isdn ta internal, and hylafax (faxsetup) can't
> identify it...
> (linux RH 2.0.36 / intel / hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5)
> are hylafax and isdn compatible ??

I'm pretty sure we just covered this topic _yesterday_, but...

No, Hylafax won't drive an ISDN _terminal adapter_.  This, regardless
of _what_ people call things, is _not_ the same thing as an "ISDN
_modem_" -- an ISDN interfaced device that _is_ a modem.  The only ones
that come to mind off hand are the USR products, particularly the
Courier I-Modem.  Devices like this will talk to an analog modem at the
other end of a call, standard Terminal Adaptors will not.

Whether the I-Modem's modem firmware does T.30 fax or not, I don't
know.  I'd expect it would, but I can't guarantee it.

There _is_ a reason those things are alomst $500...

-- jra
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