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RE: How can I install HylaFAX for ISDN

I think you should take a look at the current development version of the
HiSax-Driver for linux and the isdn4k-utils, there is a supportprogram called CAPI-Fax
especially for this card, which is an active one and has, AFAIK, fax-functionality 
in the firmware which is uploaded to the card at boot-Up time.

What you say is correct for the mayority of passiv ISDN-cards, but not for this active card.


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> I want to run HylaFax with ISDN-card B1 but I'm new in the material. Can =
> anybody tell me the way I have to install this card together with =
> HylaFax

If you mean the AVM card the answer is that you write a Brand X Unix/Linux
(you didn't say) device driver which includes a software emulation of the
digital signal processing in V.21 and V.29 modems, together with HDLC
framing and an EIA Class 1, 2 or 2.0 interface, and which looks like an
asynchronous serial port to the applications.

This is quite a major project and I don't expect to see an open source
one in the near future.

Alternatively you run it on Windows, where the supplied drivers do all
of this, and use a Windows fax program instead of Hylafax.

You can replace V.29 by the 14,400 bps equivalent.

I don't think there are any realistic Hylafax solutions for 3.1kHz 
audio fax over ISDN which use internal cards.  You will need to use
an external device which emulates an analogue fax modem, or plug an
analogue modem into an analogue port on the adaptor.


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