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Re: Hylafax receive errors

> May 02 20:27:21.47: [ 2345]: RECV/CQ: Bad 1D pixel count, row 24, got
> 1246, expected 1728
> May 02 20:27:26.03: [ 2345]: RECV/CQ: Bad 1D pixel count, row 25, got
> 20, expected 1728

These are all in the tag line area of the image.  Is it possible that the
remote machine is running a version of Hylafax without the tagline patch

In any case, the concentration at the top suggests a systematic coding
violation rather than line quality or flow control problems, given that
the full image is received (there is no evidence that the page was 
truncated or that there were errors after the first eighth of an inch.

> I'm having lots of trouble setting up an old Etech P1414MX for fax
> receive using Hylafax 4.0pl2 under linux 2.2.7.

Linux kernel versions are not a great deal of use compared with the
distribution, as most problems are library or directory structure related.
As you haven't qualified the Hylafax version, we have to assume you built
from source, although, statistically, this is unlikely for Linux users.

Also, your trace level is below that normally associated with traces on
this list.

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