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Re: Is there a solution to the "No response to MPS or EOP" problem?

> I have looked at the archives but I can't find a solution to the problem I
> get sending to some fax machines ie:
> "Your facsimile job to 08-8232-2924 failed because:
>     No response to MPS or EOP repeated 3 tries; Giving up after 3 attempts
> to send same page"

You can cure the symptom by changing the last FALSE to a TRUE in the
following, but I doubt that the remote machine will continue sensibly
if it hasn't responded to more pages same document, so you might want
to make this conditional on whether more pages same or end of procedure
is being sent.

It may be necessary to fake an MCF frame.

I suspect, though, that most serious developers are using Class 2 or 2.0

Class1Modem::sendPPM(u_int ppm, HDLCFrame& mcf, fxStr& emsg)
    for (int t = 0; t < 3; t++) {
        tracePPM("SEND send", ppm);
        if (transmitFrame(ppm|FCF_SNDR) && recvFrame(mcf, conf.t4Timer))
            return (TRUE);
        if (abortRequested())
            return (FALSE);
    emsg = "No response to MPS or EOP repeated 3 tries";
    return (FALSE);

You should also double check flow control.

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