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**ANNOUNCE** HylaFAX.ORG anonymous CVS access


I'm pleased to announce the availability of a public hylafax CVS repository, on
which you may find the current (but unofficial) sources being maintained by the
HylaFAX.ORG gang ;-)

To use the repository, you will have to do the following

	1. Install a recent copy of cvs. All you really need is a copy
		of the cvs client binary.
	2. Run the command:

		cvs -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.hylafax.org:/cvsroot login

	3. Enter the password, which is simply the string "cvs".

	4. To checkout the distribution, run the command:

		cvs -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.hylafax.org:/cvsroot co hylafax

           This will create a directory called hylafax containing the latest
		HylaFAX(tm) source code.

	5.Whenever you want to merge in the latest code changes (ie: get
		your hylafax/ directory up to date, cd to your hylafax dir
		and do:

               cvs update -d -P

My compliments to Andrew Tridgell (of SAMBA fame) for developing the version of
pserver used to offer this service. It runs under a harmless UID in a chrooted
jail, using an rsync-maintained mirror of the CVS tree rather than the master
archive itself.

My apologies for not getting this out on Friday, as originally promised. The 
setup was a bit tricky. If you discover problems with this service, and there 
are bound to be a few, let me know please, and I'll sort them out ASAP. 
Otherwise, good luck!


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