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problem with faxgetty + Solaris-2.6 + Magma serial ports


I'm still having a problem where under Solaris-2.6, with Magma serial ports,
faxgetty doesn't reliably notice when a sendfax fax is done using a serial
port, so sometimes faxgetty fails to re-initialize the modem and assert DTR
so the modem can answer incoming calls, once the sending fax or other progra
is done using the port.

Switching back to the native sun serial ports solved the problem for now,
but I'd really like to get this working on the Magma ports.

This was not a problem under SunOS-4.1.4.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone using hylafax with solaris-2.x, and
Magma or any other non-sun serial ports.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark@Misty.com -- http://www.misty.com/)

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