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RE: RH6.0 Walkthrough and Suggestion

If you are doing a clean Red Hat 6.0 install, the walkthrough will work.
RH6.0 has everything else already installed.  For some reason, the
Hylafax RPM will not detect that you already have ghost and libtiff, but
you do.  That is why ever RPM install command I listed had the
"--nodeps" for No Dependencies.  If you install RH6.0 and then follow my
walkthrough, Hylafax will work for you.  Not withstanding any funny
modem problems.  Again, I can not recommend the Hayes 14.4 external
enough for this as they are lying around all over the place and they
work flawlessly.

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From: giuliox@tin.it [mailto:giuliox@tin.it]

I need to install hylafax on a "clean" system , installing only what is
needed, but at this moment I have not a system to test (I have only my
system with all rpms installed).
I did rpm -qp --requires hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5.i386.rpm, and then looked
for the
rpms which the output belonged to (I didn't include glibc and libjpeg,
you say you have installed).

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