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Re: Message Log Errors????

Well, I found the problem!

In the SuSE Linux distribution they include a setup tool called yast.
yast has the option of enabling Hylafax.  If you say yes and have yast
enable Hylafax a startup script is placed in /etc/rc.d.  This will
start/stop Hylafax.

Putting a line in inetd.conf to start Hylafax is redundant.  That's what
was causing my problem.  Hylafax was started by inetd and then tried to be
started again by the script.  Removing the inetd.conf line corrected the

The fax scheduler still insists that there is a missing ":" in the modem
class definition and I can't find it.  Should I be looking somewhere other
than the config files???



On Mon, 17 May 1999, Gerry Doris wrote:

> I've had a nice working config of Hylafax for some time now.  Yesterday I
> decided to upgrade my system from SuSE 6.0 to 6.1.
> All worked within reason but when I started up Hylafax I noticed some messages
> that I should change from device cua2 to ttyS2.  I did.
> I went and changed my config.cua2 to config.ttyS2.  I also re-ran faxsetup as
> faxsetup ttyS2.  I went into inetd.conf and inittab and made sure that all was
> correct there as well.
> Upon re-starting everything works.  I can send and receive faxes.  The bad news
> is that I get a whole series of messages in /var/log/messages that Hylafax
> can't bind to port 4559 because it's already in use???
> I've gone through the trouble shooting guide and I can telnet to the server. 
> Running ps aux shows the three daemons running.  Can anyone tell me why Hylafax
> seems to think that it needs to restart...which I assume that's what it's
> doing???
> Also, I have always had a minor irritation in that I see faxgetty is
> complaining about a missing ":" in the class 2.0 line.  I've looked and looked
> and can't find this either.  Any hints??
> I've included a section of my message log for all to see.  Any hints would be
> appreciated!!!
> Gerry
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> Date: 17-May-99
> Time: 15:08:07
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