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RE: RH6.0 Walkthrough and Suggestion

> BTW, I am using a Hayes 14.4 ext modem and had zero problems.  I also
> tried a US robotics class 2.0 modem and had more problems, but I was
> able to get it to send faxes.  I recommend the 14.4's because everyone
> can round up about 5 of these modems for about $20 for all 5 and they
> work as well if not better than that 56K screamer.  Remember, faxes only
> transmit at 14.4 on most faxmachines.

Thanks for putting together that install guide for RH 6.0.  Any idea where to
find one of these modems that you had no problems using with hylafax?

Dave Wreski

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