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Re: More compile problems with Linux 2.2

I just compiled on glibc-2.1 (not RedHat) with no problems.  I had to
comment out the glibc version check around the __fdbits hack, but tother
than that, there was a single warning about duplication of a prototype
(logout) in port.h and utmp.h.

I haven't tried all the programs, cause I don't have a modem on my
notebook, but they are all compiled and all the clients work correctly...


On Mon, 31 May 1999, Robert Colquhoun wrote:

> Hi David,
> At 01:08 PM 5/29/99 -0400, David A. De Graaf wrote:
> >I, too, am trying to compile hylafax under RedHat 6.0 without success.
> >Your patch, with the conditions removed, did allow to Dispatcher.c++
> >to compile.  This has moved the problem downstream to SendFaxJob.c++.
> >The number of "warning" messages has mushroomed from 27 with RH 5.2
> >to 417 with RH 6.0, and the make hasn't even finished!
> Could you cut and paste the warnings, it should compile under Redhat 5.2
> without any warnings, with the fixes it should also compile cleanly under
> Redhat 6.0(please don't paste all 417 warnings here, just the first dozen
> or so).
> >I am just bewildered by this complex C++ code, and can only hope that
> >you and other smart programmers can fix these problems, and soon.
> rjc-8(which has the Dispatcher.c++ stuff fixed) should be posted very
> soon(as soon as Darren reads his email ;-).
> >It is an awful situation when an apparently worthwhile upgrade like
> >RH 6.0 renders an essential major package like hylafax unusable.
> >I surely hope you can find the time and motivation to wade through all
> >the problems and fix them.  The rest of us are waiting hopefully for
> >news.
> I do not currently have access to a Redhat 6 machine, but the problems so
> far reported have not being too hard to fix - i have a patch which i will
> put into the cvs soon which removes the fds_bits stuff from the general
> code.  I have not yet seen any other definite problems that should stop it
> compiling under a glibc-2.1 machine.
> - Robert

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