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Hylafax Implementation


I am looking at setting up Hylafax for the company I work for.  The 
server will be a Pentium 300 machine with 128 meg of ram running 
Redhat Linux 5.2.  I intend using three internal class 2 fax 

There will be approx. 100 clients using Windows 95/98 and WHFC. 
 The system will receive about 150 incoming faxes per day 
(average 500 pages per day) and send about 60 faxes per day 
(average 250 pages).

I was wanting advice on whether my intentions are reasonable with 
Hylafax, and I was also after some recommendations on good 
internal PCI class 2 fax/modems that would be available in 

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Daryl Foster.

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