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Re: Tagline

You have to be an administrative user in order to change the Tagline, at
least in pl1.  I made a minor source change to allow any user to modify
the Tagline in the version I am running.



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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Steven Cruysberghs wrote:

> >>
> >> - edit config.dev and removed the TagLineFormat line and put the line in
> the
> >>  /usr/share/fax/hyla.conf file (as general tagline format)
> >> - I've also created (in my home dir) a file called .hylarc where I've put
> my
> >> own specific tagline.
> >
> >I think you may find that taglines get special treatment to prevent users
> >overriding them because they are a legal requirement in the USA.
> >
> Has anybody got more info on this? I've gone trough the documentation but
> could't find anything.
> Steven

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