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Re: WHFC Receipts

> 		My ISP has a NT Mail server at an ipadresse lets call it
> and we=20

First stage, change ISP to one who uses Unix for this function.  I tend
to suspect any ISP running NT in this role to be a black box operator with
little understanding of the technology they are using.  However, an ISP
who is competent, should be able to answer your question instantly.

> 		are connected directly (512k line)
> 		I would like to configure sendmail to send all non-local
> mail using the=20
> 		SMTP protocol to the address

This is a very standard requirement, please read the documentation for
sendmail.  However, first make sure that it is delivering local mail
properly, then, for the standard configuration files, set the DS line,
or, more realistically, rebuild from the M4 configuration files using
smart_host, or whatever the smart host function is called.

It is nothing to do with Hylafax.

By the way, with a very fast, dedicated, line, why don't you
run the default internet configuration and deliver direct, bypassing
the ISP's smart host, anyway?

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