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Re: Questions about the Faxrecvd script

At 09:08 15/06/99 -0500, Greg Breland <gbreland@healthtech.net> wrote:
>$FILE = "/recvdq/fax00025.tif"
>Is there another macro that just has the file name or can I configure
>HylaFAX where it will pass only the filename to the script. 

Entirely off the top of my head, can you use the shell function 

>2) I spent about a day rounding up information all over the place about how
>to forward incoming faxes as TIFF files via email.  I finally got it to work
>and I want to write an article about how to do it to help make it easier on
>others in the future.  If I did such, where or to whom should I submit it
>and what format should it be in?  If I get no response, I will submit to the
>mailing list in plain text format.

HTML to me please, if possible. It then can go on the 'resources and links'
page on the website, and also on my heap of things destined for the FAQ.

Thanks very much.

Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

>Thanks a lot.

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