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Trust Communicator 33.6

I'm trying to setup a faxserver using hylafax on an old 486dx4 100 for this 
task only. I'm having strange troubles with my faxmodem. I was told that my 
faxmodem is using a single dedicated phone line for outbount calls, but i'm 
getty too much "line busy" responses by the server, and also with "Phase B 
transmit error" or "EOP" and "MTN" errors on some connections. These are 
random errors, and the fax sometimes works on international calls, and 
sometimes doesn't work on local calls. The modem is a 33.6 Communicator 28.8 
upgraded to 33.6. I also thought there could be some problems with the 
telephone lines inside the office. There is another fax machine working, and 
i get a busy response from the server when that machine is working, even if 
they're on different lines. Are some "happy" configuration files out there? 

Thanx in advance


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