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Re: Tag line suppression

Is this for use in the U.S.?  I thought Federal law dictated the presence of
a tagline...  Please correct me if I err.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Perschau <rcp@panduit.com>
To: flexfax@sgi.com <flexfax@sgi.com>
Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 2:58 PM
Subject: flexfax: Tag line suppression

>HylaFAX has been running quietly for a while now, so the applications group
>wants to stir things up. 8-)  For whatever reason they want to eliminate
>tagline.  No problem, config(4) under TagLineFont tells me, "If no font is
>specified, if a null filename is specified, or if the specified font file
>not readable, then tag lines  will not be generated."  My feeble brain
>translates this as modify config to include TagLineFont:
>After this change, I've stopped and restarted HylaFAX, sent a FAX and still
>get the tagline.
>By the way, is config read before each FAX or only when HylaFAX is started?
>I think I read it somewhere but can't recall where.
>HylaFax v 4.0pl2
>Redhat Linux 5.2
>Thanks in advance,
>Bob Perschau

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