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Re: Moving hylafax outside a firewall

hi again,
i think that should be possible, but as i'm no HylaFAX-code-guru
i can not tell it for shure.
i'm only programming another windows client for hylaFax and cause
of that had to cope with the client-server protocol HylaFAX uses.
so you'll have to ask sombody else.

Andrew Webb schrieb:
> OK, can I make any changes to the source code and tell it to use specific
> ports, or somehow limit the range of ports it is allowed to use ?
> Andy
> hi,
> as far as i know, Hylfaxa uses a FTP-Protokol for transfering data to
> the server. The ports 4558 and 4559 are only used for the
> control-connection to the server, data is transfered over an randomly
> chosen TCP-Port between client and server.
> And that transfer is initiated from the server side...
> ==> big problem with firewall.
> Christoph

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