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Re: RE: Moving hylafax outside a firewall

Andrew Webb wrote:
> Jamie,
>         Well, I opened all the TCP/IP ports in to the main net from the=
> server in the DMZ and now it works fine. Problem is, that kind of defea=
> the object of putting it outside the firewall in the first place ! So, =
> must be some other TCP ports that are required for some purpose other t=
> 4558 and 4559. Any ideas ?
> Andy

HylaFAX uses an extended FTP Protokoll. Port 4559 is used for the=20
Control connection. For the data-connection a random port above
1024 is choosen.

HylaFAX itselve accepts also passive ftp connections but i don't
know which clients can deal with passive connections. WHFC=20
can't be used with passive ftp connections, but it's on my
(virtual) to-do list.

Uli =20

Ulrich Eckhardt                         Tr@nscom GbR=20
http://people.frankfurt.netsurf.de/uli  http://www.transcom.de
                                        Lagerstra=DFe 11-15 A8
                                        64807 Dieburg Germany

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