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WHFC & comments

 I have setup hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5 on RedHat 5.2 (ghostscript-4.03-
1) and am using WHFC. I have followed the instructions for creating 
a coverpage using tgif (3.0pl16-4) and the make_faxcover script 
(FAQ Q36). It all works apart from the comments which do not 
come out well, sometimes all the words on a line are concatenated 
(allthespacesareremoved) other times lines are omitted.  I have 
also got the following error on some sends...
Your facsimile job to 742310 was not sent because
the document conversion script was not found.
Status: Unrecoverable error: limitcheck in --nostringval--
Unexpected interpreter error -13.
What is causing this? and what can I do to try and solve it? I have 
RedHat 6 - should I upgrade part or whole? Is it something I should 
change in the postscript file?

One last question - When email is sent to confirm a delivery how 
do you change the senders address from anonymous@....?



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