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Re: Direct Inward Dial

--- KAbraha454@aol.com wrote:
> We emulate DID trunks ...

Basically, you have a modem attached to an
analog line - when the modem answers, the PBX
sends some DTMF digits down the line.  You
want to be able to route faxes based on those

As it happens, we were trying to do the same thing,
but got sidetracked.  The documentation for the
3Com Total Control modems list a feature that
should allow parsing out the DTMF - '%T', for
'tone recognition'.  I believe I've seen this
feature in the doc for other modems as well.

It looks like the answer sequence would need to be
changed to:
<-- AT%T1%H1 (enable DTMF recognition, go off hook)
--> nnnnn    (read line(s) with digits)
<-- AT%T0A   (answer fax call)
Hylafax doesn't do this out of the box - changes
would have to be made to the source.

We made it as far as getting a hunt group set up 
with the afterdial feature - around then, 3Com
came out with a new firmware rev for our modems
that fixed a T1 bug.  We ended up with the 
DNIS-based system described in my earlier post
to the list.

Hope this helps,
Alan Wagner-Krankel

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