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Re: Problem with textfmt

Hi David,

At 04:57 PM 7/21/99 +1000, DAVID ARNOLD wrote:
>- Tried both the binary and source distributions.
>- Made a new directory, copied the *.afm files to it, renamed the .afm
>files, then set AFM in /var/spool/fax/etc/setup.cache to point at the
>new directory.

setup.cache is not really a configuration file for any binary component in 
hylafax, it is only used by faxsetup and the sysvinit script if it is present.

ie textfmt, sendfax, faxq, hfaxd, faxgetty do not ever look there.

>- Ran the perl script to automate the renaming of the *.afm files in
>/usr/lib/ghostscript/fonts directory.
>- Tried the 4.3 and 5.0 (or thereabouts) versions of gs.
>- Downloaded and installed Robert Coloquon's patch.

That's "Colquhoun" ;-)

>- Checked the perms of the files and directories.
>One caveat I have managed to find is an output of strace -
>% strace -o z /usr/local/sbin/textfmt </etc/hosts

What is the error output from:
         /usr/local/sbin/textfmt < /etc/hosts

The textfmt man page should tell you by default where it is looking for 
font metrics.

- Robert

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