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Re: Mail to Fax Problem

> Received: from camco.celestial.com ([]) by punt-2.mail.demon.net
>            id aa2109102; 14 Jun 99 19:45 GMT
> Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 21:12:01 +0200

Please use a correct date; this message has been stuck in my inbox for
over a month now because it was sorted to the very end.

> I have hylaFax v4.0pl2-52 Setup on SuSe Linux 6.1...

What's that in terms of the official source version and patches?

> Now i have typed in the changes as documented for the sendmail.cf
> It does not run !!!!

There appear to be a couple of typos, with "."s, at least relative to
the current versions of sendmail.cf; however, as noted in several mails
this week, you should use the M4 macros supplied with sendmail, instead.

> i get always the error: DSN  unknown Mailer Error 139
> and there is onnly the header faxed !!!

If you get this much faxed, the problem is not with the mail integration.
Try sending using sendfax, and if you can't get that to fail, try sending
with the mail to fax program, but inputting a well formed MIME message
directly, rather than through the mail system.

Note 139 is not a sendmail error return and doesn't sound like an OS
one, so ghostscript is the most likely problem area.

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