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Re: Problem compiling 4.0pl2 and 4.1b1


At 11:54 AM 7/28/99 -0400, Jim Dossey wrote:
>I'm having a problem compiling both Hylafax 4.0pl2 and 4.1b1 on Unixware
>7.1.0 using gcc 2.8.0.  I installed the unixware and gcc-2.8.x patches
>on the 4.0pl2 copy.  Here is the error that I am receiving:
>make[3]: Entering directory
>/usr/local/bin/g++        -D__ANSI_CPP__ -I. -I.. -I.././regex
>-I.././faxd -I.././util -I/usr/local/include -g -O  -c HylaClient.c++
>HylaClient.c++:80: no `bool HylaClient::_send(const char *, unsigned
>int)' member function declared in class `HylaClient'
>make[3]: *** [HylaClient.o] Error 1

I think the function prototype should  be HylaClient::send().  Perhaps a 
macro is inserted by one of the header files after the HylaClient.h which 
turns send() into _send().  You could try rearranging the header files so 
that HylaClient.h is last in order, this is likely to cause problems 
elsewhere though.

The best thing would be to look for the header file that redefines send() 
though and include that in HylaClient.h

PS gcc-2.8.0 is not the best compiler, you might want to try 2.8.1 or 2.95 
in a week or so.

- Robert

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