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I have not been able to make them work for Hylafax. I have HylaFax version
5.10, lynux 5.2 (apollo) kernel 2.0. I intend to use them just for
outbound service. I have added them using faxaddmodem, and it detects the
modem without any problem. then I use faxmodem -c
'(0,1),(0-5),(0-2),(0-2),0,0,0,(0-7)' ttyR0. Naturally, I have activated
first faxq and hfaxd.
I can see the jobs waiting on queu, but nothing else happens, it never
dials out, it neve makes any noise, there is no change in its state, any
suggestions????? Thank you.
P.S. I have tried other modems and no problem, I can use HylaFax.

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