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Re: SCO/Digiboard/Zoom problem

On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 10:45:17AM -0400, Richard Shetron wrote:
> I have a customer with an SCO openserver 5, Digiboard XEM PCI multiport
> controller, and zoom 56K external modem.  The problem appears to be
> that the Digiboard doesn't provide the right signals to the modem.
> I was unable to cu to the modem until I turned off dcd checking.
> Now that I can CU to the modem, if I type ATDT <number>, I immediatly
> get back ERROR from the modem.  This leads me to believe that one or
> more of the other control lines DTR/DSR/CTS/RTS is not working right
> and/or missing.  The modem is plugged into the C module (C02) which is
> a DB25 port.
> Contributing to the problem is the customer no longer has documentation
> on the Digiboard, the 56K zoom modem documentation only includes examples
> for windows and does not list the register settings.  The customer did
> have a small reference book for the Digiboard ditty command and issuing
> the ditty command to force DCD on allowed the cu.

The Digi's use _10_ pin RJ connectors, and one of the important
signals, DTR I think, is on one of the pins you usually can't reach.
ditty has a switch called altpin that swaps the one you need for one
you probably don't.

Hope this is enough hint.

And I hope they're running HylaFAX on it.  :-)

-- jra
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