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Re: far too many faxes

In message <19990831103728.E2307@imaginet.co.uk>, Michael Stevens writes:
>On Mon, Aug 30, 1999 at 08:39:12AM +1000, Keith Gray wrote:
>> Michael Stevens wrote:
>> > Can anyone explain how hylafax might have decided to send a fax 30
>> > times instead of just that once that I was intending? All I can see
>> > from the logs are a number of errors about 'unable to transmit page'.
>> This would be known as a classic RTN (retrain) problem.
>> It is on the archives.
>> The receiving fax machine has not given a suitable response
>> so HylaFAX has retried 10-12 times to resend 3 attempts!
>> A fix is available for 4.0 and is already patched in 4.1.
>> Sometimes changing the transmit fax resolution helps.
>Thanks, sorry for the vagueness of the original message but I was a
>bit annoyed about the whole thing at the time.
>Looking at the logs I can see it retraining from 9600baud all the way
>down to 2400 baud. The release involved is the stable debian one:


>I will investigate 4.1. Can you point me at the patches of which you speak?

Please see http://www.hylafax.org/patches/


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