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Re: hfaxd binary

In message <37A7264A.DEE2EE6A@is.ups.com>, "Clarence Hart Jr." writes:
>Hey I'm able to build all of the binaries except for the   hfaxd binary.
>does anybody have this binary compiled for a SUN Solaris 2.6 system
>Please send it to me because I'm dont understand the following message:

You need a patch to hylafax-v4.0pl2 in order to make it compile on your setup. 
It's available at http://www.hylafax.org/patches/

Alternatively, try compiling the beta release at


which _SHOULD_ build and run on your setup. Report any bugs to 

Mr. Arlington Hewes           (tpcadmin@info.tpc.int)
The TPC.INT Subdomain          (http://www.tpc.int/)

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       ***         mailto:tpcfaq@info.tpc.int         ***
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