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Re: faxmodem -> faxgetty

In message <37A7F898.248785E1@online.de>, Ekkard Gerlach writes:
>David Woolley wrote:
>> > I want to migrate from "faxmodem" to "faxgetty" because
>> > I want to receive faxes, too. "faxmodem" works fine.
>> You should use faxgetty even for send only.
>Why ? Suse says that faxgetty can receive FAXes, too.
>What else can I use to receive a FAX ?

You misunderstood David's comment. He was telling you that you should alw=
run faxgetty. Even if you are only sending. Not running faxgetty is the m=
common misconfiguration of HylaFAX(tm).


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