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Re: faxmodem -> faxgetty

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 04:26:56PM +0200, Christian Nause wrote:
> Darren Nickerson wrote:
> > You misunderstood David's comment. He was telling you that you should always
> > run faxgetty. Even if you are only sending. Not running faxgetty is the most
> > common misconfiguration of HylaFAX(tm).
> Could anybody explain why it is recommended to install faxgetty in a
> send-only-environment.

Certainly.  If you don't run faxgetty, you have no positive control
over, nor status indication from, your modems.  This Is Bad.

> Which problems occur if you only install faxmodem ttyS0 in rc.local
> (thats the way I install HylaFAX on Redhat 5.2).

Well, actually, you don't really 'install' faxmodem, you just run it...
and I really hadn't thought you had to run it on every boot.

-- jra
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