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Re: modem 1000$ question

In message <19990913111804.22172@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us>, "Jay R. Ashworth" writes
>On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 01:57:17AM -0700, TheBong Pipe wrote:
>> After a modem dials out, it beeps before the answer from the remote machine.
>> This is what my modem is not doing; it waits without a single beep. This 
>> does not affect the normal comunication with fax machines attached to an 
>> exclusive phone line, but the ones where a human answers the phone, because 
>> there's a single line for fax or voice; after the "hello?" the modem times 
>> out, then hangs up. What is the AT string that enables that beep?The modem 
>> is Trust Communicator 28.8 upgraded to 33.6
>Those tones are called CNG, or calling tones.  If your faxmodem isn't
>generating them on outbound calls, my snap reaction is: get a newer
>modem.  :-)
>Seriously; almost every faxmodem built in the last 10 years has known
>to send those automatically when originating calls in fax mode.  It's
>so automatic that I don't even know that there's a knob to adjust it.

Nice try, but slightly incorrect. Some modems do have switches to disable CNG. 
Multitech, for instance, use the @ at the end of the dialstring. Take the 
following line from the class2 config file:

# We normally append the "@" symbol to the dial string so that
# the modem will wait 5 seconds before attempting to connect
# and return result codes that distinguish between no carrier
# and no answer.  This makes it possible to avoid problems with
# repeatedly dialing a number that doesn't have a fax machine
# (kudos to Stuart Lynne for this trick.)
# NB: If you need to prefix phone numbers to get through a PBX,
#     put it in the ModemDialCmd; e.g. "DT9%s@".
#ModemDialCmd:          ATDT%s@         # T for tone dialing, @ for silence

My advice to the originator . . . remove the @ from ModemDialCmd and see if 
that makes any difference.


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