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KHylaFax Patch

Anyone installed KHylafax as a client and has it working?
I have Hylafax installed on Redhat 6.0 and the Windows and NT client
using WHFC and all is working fine. Now I want to use KHylaFax from
Linux Workstations to connect to the Fax Server. Unfortunately there is not
enough documentation around for applying the patch.
I tried to subscribe to the KhylaFax mailing list, but the address on their
is incorrect.
Any information from someone who has it working is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Horst Simon

|   Horst Simon               |
|   9 Stonehaven Crescent     |
|   Moorabbin, Vic, 3189      |
|   Australia                 |
|   hsimon@bigpond.net.au     |

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