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something about dates..

Ok, forgive me for the subject line..

I have a few question about date formats used/returned by hfaxd &

First, the date returned by hfaxd, in response to a "%t" parameter of
the RcvFmt string, is rather "unconventional". It's not what you would
call an ISO-format. Beside, I couldn't find any way to have it reflect
the state of the LC_TIME environment variable, and have its value
I would very much do with a value in second since epoch, which I can
easily convert in any date format in the world, instead of the
hard-wired one.

Another question: my fax cover pages, in fax I send with the WHFC
client, always show the date in -- again -- a default, not
"international", english format. Is this an issue with some Hyla
script, or it's the client this time that outputs only that format?

Any hints, comments and explanations are, as always, welcome :)


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