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Re: Faxes dying after a certain amount of time

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 02:22:58PM -0500, Nick Riemondi wrote:
> I am using HylaFAX to send out database queries to customers.  I have a
> process create the faxes by running sendfax (there are about 200 of
> them).  I watched the process closely and everything ran great.  About 3
> hours after the faxes started sending the 150 or so still in the queue
> died one after another in under a minute and sent an email to root
> stating that the fax could not complete before the apointed deadline.
> How do i set this?!  I have found in the documentation that it defaults
> to 1 day, but mine died after 3 hours, still I can't figure out how to
> set it.  Please Help!

I've found the way to fix this is to edit config.h, change the
default, and rebuild. I've had some problems getting hylafax to
actually believe what I put in the config files, and started resorting
to editing the compile time defaults and rebuilding when I want to
change anything.

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