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Re: Does hylafax support DTMF numeric paging?

Jay R. Ashworth writes:
>Most paging switches will accept numeric pages on their TAP/IXO modem
>dialup port, in the same fashion that they accept alpha pages.  This is
>almost certainly how it was configured before.

Thanks for the information.  It was a different phone number from
the one printed on the pager, which turned out to be the PIN.

>> How can this be done with the new sendpage, which requires a PIN?
>The pin is usually the same as the number, for digital pagers.

I put an entry like this in etc/pagermap...

	word	NNNNNNN/nnnnnnn

where NNNNNNN is the service provider phone number, and nnnnnnn
is the PIN number.  He can now do this...

	$ sendpage -q -p word 9999999

to send the numeric message 9999999 to his pager.

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