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R: Documentation for hfaxd client-server protocol

> > I would send fax using directly the hfaxd client server protocol through
an ftp access on port 4559....
> > Where found good documentation for commands (or one example) JNEW, STOR,
STOT, STOU, JNEW, JPARM ....  ?????
> > Then man page of hfaxd is very poor...
> As far as I'm aware there's very little if any documentation. Unless
> someone else can say otherwise, you're probably best off reading the
> source of an existing client.

My goal is a free Delphi component THylaFAX for interact with HylaFAX
I have already read the source of HylaFAX Linux client (sendfax), and i
understand this :

# Connect to hylafax server
[root@eva bin]# telnet hylafax 4559
Connected to hylafax.msg.it.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 hylafax.msg.it server (HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.0pl2) ready.
user steno
230 User steno logged in.

# Create new job with setting parameters (JNEW)
200 New job created: jobid: 2988 groupid: 2988.

# Set dial number, sender, document name ecc.. with JPARM
jparm dialstring 0336887788
213 DIALSTRING set to "0336887788".

# Submit to scheduler

The problem is after JPARM commands, how send my PS document from remote
machine to hylafax server ?
The linux client "sendfax" using STOR (or STOU or STOT), but when i try
using it the server response is :

425 Cannot build data connection: Connection refused.

 Why ?????

I obtain the same error with LIST command !!!!

>425 Cannot build data connection: Connection refused.

Porca trotta !!! (Italian imprecation :))


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