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Re: Weird!

Ken E. Chen wrote...
> After changing the modems (from Zoom to Multimodem) the format in
> wich the tiff fax files are saved seems to have changed (both the prizm
> netscape plug-in and the macflex viewer send an error in the format of
> the file and display a white page, but I have managed to see the faxes)
> I'm not experienced with the Tiff format.
> Someone can pinpoint me where to look for.

I'll guess you are now getting 2D-encoded tiff files, which can't be
read by some tiff viewers.  You might find you need to convert them to
1D format or get a different viewer.  Check the notification email, or
log files, to see if the format is different than it used to be.

You might be able to use tiffcp or some other program to convert from 2D to
1D encoding.   E.g. something like "tiffcp -c g4", which is what I use. 
Check the FAQ and/or post with more specifics to get more specific


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