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part of page blank

Hi to all.

First I will apologize about my bad english... :(
Well, I have a Debian 2.1, Hylafax 4.0.2-8, and a modem with Rockwell chip
AC/K56/V2.210-V90_2M_DLS in the work.
When I recivied a fax, only appear one quart of the fax, at last of page.
The rest is blank ?
What's happened whith this? I read the documentation, but I don't know
what's the "name" for this, or another tip... :(

Thank's for all, and excuse my bad english...

                                   \|/ ____ \|/
Have a nice day  ;-)               "@'/ ,. \'@"
TooManySecrets                     /_| \__/ |_\

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