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Print to Fax question

I'm trying to set up a client for lpr-to-fax, using Bill Campbell's (of
Celestial -- the folks who host this list, for those who missed that)
perl program that he wrote for this purpose.

I banged on it a bit last week, and found out that it's _much_ more
SCO/SysV-centric than I had thought: I haven't gotten it working yet on
RedHat 5.2.

I may re-write it for that environment; his ideas and approach are
good; but during that process, I realized something much more important
(to me): textfmt is not an Epson FX printer.


The reports this customer prints make extensive use of the rendering
facilities of the Epson printer command set.  Mostly enhanced/bold,
extended, 17 and 20 pitch more than different fonts, but I still need a
way to deal with that stuff.  Is anyone aware of a textfmt-like program
that will cope with this stuff, or am I going to have to hack?

-- jra
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