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Problem with HylaFax


  I'm using HylaFAX and have some strange problems. Please, where should

i find the solution?

  1. I'm using mgetty with HylaFax server. It's because i need fidonet
calls which are processed by mgetty. But when mgetty works with HylaFax
and I begin to send fax, HylaFax says: "Waiting for modem to come ready"

and doesn't send fax. But after i make kill mgetty and mgetty respawns
and starts again, HylaFax sends the fax and exactly one fax. It means
that i need to respawn mgetty again to make HylaFax sending fax.
  2. I'd like to make Mail2Fax gateway and i use faxmail program for
that. It works when i call it directly or from "/etc/aliases" but when i

do everything that is written in README (in case of sendmail.cf), it
doesn't work ;(
     As a matter of fact,

Oct 13 12:10:44 ns sendmail[5663]: MAA05661: to=<user@261.FAX>,
ctladdr=<admin@polad.ru> (552/554), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01,
relay=261.fax., stat=Host unknown (Name server: 261.fax.: host not

   Look at mailer "esmtp" first ;( it must be "faxmail"
   And sendmail tries to resolve 261.fax but i write "CPFAX" in my

;( Please, what can i read and what can i do?

Буртовой Андрей
ЗАО "Полад" http://www.polad.ru
ICQ: 9786599 Тел. +7-(8482)-420304, ext. 263

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