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Setting up a Hylafax system.

Our company is looking into setting up a fax server, and I have been given
the task of researching our options. Hylafax seems to be the most viable
option for our needs, and there is a dedicated computer to be used as the
server with Linux(SuSE 6.1). We are a NT 4.0 organization, and most of our
applications are built in-house. Our needs are as follows:

	1. Presently pages are printed and manually faxed
	2. Anywhere from 100 to 150 faxes per day(expected to grow) - some single
page some muti-page documents.
	3. Faxing is done at customer request, i.e. lost manual or invoice, and
requests for sales quotes.
A.	Manuals(30 - 40 per day) can be lengthy(some are 80+ pages), rarely is
full manual faxed.
B.	Manuals are in PDF format.
C.	Manual requests may not include all pages.
D.	Some multiple page requests may not be in order, e.g. page 4, 10, 11, 12,

I have one general and three specific questions:

Has this type of configuration been used, and with what success?

How would one determine the number of fax lines needed, and how easy or
difficult is it to add lines to Hylafax?

Does the conversion definition to TFF files work with PDF successfully?(I
would think so from the Hylafax web site, but would like to confirm this).

Is it possible to send pages that are not in numeric order?(i.e. 2.D above)

Thank you for any assistance with these questions.

Lou Valente

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