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Re: sendfax from command-line in Win95

vanWylick.edv@t-online.de (vanWylick.edv) writes:

> I just want to have the same as sendfax -d from the unix shell, but from
> a dos box. I worte a programm that fetches data from a database,
> generates a lot of documents, fetches the reveivers and teher faxnumbers 
> from the database and sends different documents to different receivers.
> All that is done by pressing one button. From Unix I can use the sendfax
> command from my program to do that. The windows fax client simulates a
> printer where you habe to input faxnumbers manually, so i can't use that
> for my purpose.

Nope. It's capable to automate fax processing via OLE calls. See

> I hope you understand what i mean.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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