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Re: Faxing Word docs

You cannot fax MS Word documents directly from hylafax. The format of
word docs is proprietry and is not easily decoded. Your best bet is to
convert the document into postscript. This is most easily done by
installing a dummy postscript printer (the "Apple LaserWriter IIg" works
best because it is simple). Then printing to a file. The result is a
postscript file that can be sent through Hylafax.

You may also want to checkout PC front ends to Hylafax. See whfc for
example. Check out the URL:


Roger Dickey wrote:
> I am trying to fax MS Word documents through HylaFax but I get a: "Can not
> determine file type" error. Is there any way to format Office documents or a
> way to disable file checking?
>                 Roger W Dickey, Jr
>                 (904) 277 - 5985
>                 dickey.roger@aipfl.com

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